Milk is a very essential product in human nutrition and has an important impact on the economy and health of all countries. The most important world challenge is feeding over nine billion people by 2050. The world’s existing milk-production capacity is well below those needs.

Global demand for dairy products is continuing to grow. In particular, population growth, rising incomes, urbanization, and westernization of diets in developing countries such as China, India, and Africa have lead to tremendously increased demand. Milk supply in China and India, as well as countries in Southeast Asia and Africa, is not keeping pace with this growth. In developed countries, where consumption is already high, demand levels are expected to remain stable.

Hence, emerging markets are becoming an important opportunity for global dairy companies who are helping to meet demand for dairy products and locally produced secondary products.

Israel has the leading technology and industry capabilities in raw milk production and secondary milk products.


Green horizon will use the combination of technologies that were developed all over the world, but especially in Israel, in order to be the most advanced and efficient. In Israel, we develop the know-how to make the best use of limited resources and obtain the highest per-cow milk yield in the world.

Green Horizon will empower cow/sheep/goat dairy farmers all over the world to improve their production by improving their herds’ health, welfare, and productivity, as well as improving staff efficiency, productivity, and overall farm profitability.

We will offer our customers access to a variety of world-class experts with a formidable and extensive body of knowledge that encompasses every aspect of dairy farming, from new farm construction to modern Dairy Farm management, cutting-edge farm technology, Feeding Centers, nutrition management, and ultra-modern veterinary programs for herd design.

We can use our knowledge to develop a National Program that will produce more milk for local markets or for export. Such a program can be financed by international banks, local banks, international organizations (World Bank, UNDP, USAID, etc.), national governments, or private investors.

For private investors ready to start such a program, it will create the possibility to be major producer of milk and milk products in any suitable country. We are willing to perform an investor-feasibility test and demonstrate our ability.