Green Horizon provides the following products and services


  • Establishment of New Dairy Farms (and Cattle Fattening)

Green Horizon has the ability to establish new modern dairy farms according to the high Israeli standards using the knowledge and experience we have from the Israeli dairy farms, which hold the world record of milk yield per cow.

We deal with all the farm’s components include:


-Milking Parlors

-Management Systems

-Cooling Systems

-Manure Systems

-Feeding Systems

The dairy farm establishment process includes the following project milestones:

-Preliminary Study

-Master Plan

-Business Plan

-Structure Planning & Design


-Staff Training

-Ongoing operational support


  • Establishment of Feeding Centers

In many countries, cows feed preparation method is decentralized, and being carried out at the level of the individual farm. This method is inefficient, unprofessional and affects yield milk.

The advantages, of producing the feed in a feeding center, are both in the professional aspect and the cost aspect:

Professional advantages:

-Professional homorganic mix

-The right components dosage

-Routine method of feeding

-Fresh products

        Costs advantages:

-Economist of scale

-Central import

-Big quantity purchase

-Massive production

-Long shelf life products

-Low feed loss


  • Planning National Dairy Programs

Milk is essential nutrition component for the population and need to be an interest in the national level. In countries where there is a deficit of milk, the local milk production abilities, need the support of the local government, and the local government needs a National Program in order to deal correctly with the national challenge.

Green Horizon has the ability to plan a National Program, which its main targets are to increase dramatically the local milk production and decrease the country dependency on import of milk products or milk powder.

The National Dairy Program process has three main steps:

-Defining the national targets (according to the local government policy)

-Analyzing the current situation

-Planning the needed reforms and national programs


  • Improvement Program for Dairy Farms

By Using advance methods, we have the ability to improve significantly the milk yield and reduce milk production costs of existing dairy farms. We have the knowledge and experience to analyze current situation in a dairy farm and by changing methods to increase milk yield and reduce costs. We do so by our experts who have the knowledge and know-how relate to:

-Nutrition and feeding



-Farm equipment

-Management systemsTraining


  • Dairy Farms Staff Training Programs

Green Horizon has the experience to develop and training centers that can train the local farmers in variety of aspects related to the dairy farms management and maintenance, in order to increase professionality and the farms efficiency.

-Farm maintenance

-Zoo technician training

-AI training

-Hurd management

-Feed management

-Use of local feed ingredients

-Crop planning

-Milking parlor management

-Reproduction management