Has Professional knowledge and experience in managing wide scope projects and big organizations in governmental institutes and in industries with international wide activity. Mr. Yerushalmy has 25 years of management experience in governmental institutes and in the industry field, which include wide scale of projects managing, projects planning, budget planning and controlling.

Mr. Yerushalmy holds M.Sc. in Biology from the Hebrew University and MBA from Tel-Aviv University.

Mr. Porat is in the last 3 years and in the present, is theChairman of the Israel Feeding Centers Union. More than 30 years of professional experience in the dairy field. During 1986-2013 he was theCEO of two big feeding centers in Israel. Has a wide experience in establishing new feeding centers in the world, and in implementing his experience and knowledge in feed centers all over the world (2014 India, 2014 China, 2008 Bulgaria, 2007 Romania, 2005 Croatia, 2000 Turkey).

Specialization: Feeding Centers management and operations, Agribusiness management,Feeding programs design, Dairy development guidance.

Education: Dairy nutrition and management and Business Administration - at Ruppin Technology School.

has experience in milk industry developing for the last 20 years and with international projects in central Asia for the last 9 years;

In the Development of milk industry of Israel Mr. Yossefon develop the Embryo transfer technology that lead to better cows, and milk quality checks, that help to produce better products. Mr. Yossefon has wide experience in establishment of Dairy Farms and Feeding Centers.Today Mr. Yossefon involved with private companies with developing the use of Embryos in milk industry and with Dairy Farms and Feeding Centers.

Mr. Yossefon studied economics and business administration at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He also learned and has wide experience in Artificial Insemination, Embryo Transfer, and cow genetics, as the General Manager of the Israeli branch of ICP New Zealand.

specializes in technology and law and has wide experience in consulting big commercial companies and institutes.
Dr. Nicotra holds LL.B. from Tel-Aviv University and M.A. and PH.D in history and philosophy of science from Bar-Ilan University

Mr. Dror Porat is a Breeding and farms management specialist. Has a lot of field experience in working with cow farms and in providing breeding and artificial insemination services for 150 dairy farms in Israel. Farms herd size 40-1000 cows. Graduate Dairy farm practical engineer at Ruppin Technology School.